Any shade - Coverage - Texture - Finish - Skin type, created just for you!

Custom Blend Costmetics

Custom Blend Makeup

Why Custom Makeup?

Do you trouble finding your perfect makeup match? Have you wasted hundreds of dollars on foundations and powders that missed the mark? Do you have a drawer filled with partially used products that you can’t return? Have you found a foundation with a great formula but the color is off or visa versa? Do you find yourself buying two foundation colors to mix each day? If any of these sound familiar, Custom Blend Foundation may be right for you.

With Custom Blend Foundation we can create full sized bottles/ jars of liquid, cream, and powder to your exact specifications. Whether you prefer a lightweight tinted moisturizer, full coverage cream, or loose setting powder, I blend it just for your needs. The Custom Blend program I offer is made of the highest quality minerals & ingredients, fantastic for even the most sensitive of skins. Custom blend products are healthy and even healing to the skin, making it ideal for the health conscious client.

Benefits of the Liquid Foundation

• Botanically Infused Bases
• Oil Free
• Talc free
• Paraben Free
• Gluten Free
• Non- Comedogenic (will not clog your pores)
• Custom Serum Additives
• Create ANY Color, shade, texture or finish
The additives that can be added are hydrators, oil control, mattifier, ultra firming, ultra soothing
botanicals and built in primers for all skin types.

Benefits of the Powder Foundation

• Pure Mineral Bases
• Oil free
• Fragrance free
• Dye Free
• Bismuth oxychloride free (white ingredient to add luster, can be skin irritant and white color
adds chalky, pink tone)
• Contains micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide two minerals that provide sun protection
without irritating chemical ingredients
• Completely Non- Comedogenic
• Minerals are all natural earth minerals
• Promotes healthy skin
• Recommended for skin that is sensitive

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